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Species attracting attention:
as likely hemiparasite species

The species below have attracted recent attention in the literature.
The percentages after each crop use/product reflect the rank of hemiparasite species
amongst the 68 crop uses/products investigated for each species

Listings of species attracting attention by scientific name, common name or keyword are available here.
The listing of all species on the website is available here.

Other likely crop uses/products investigated are:

[allelopathy]  [aquatic]  [beverage]  [biofuel]  [bioindicator]  [birdseed]  [boundary]  [breeding]  [cane/bamboo]  [cereal]  [charcoal]  [chewing]  [clothing fibre]  [companion plant]  [cosmetics]  [cut flower]  [dietary fibre]  [dye]  [erosion control]  [essential oil]  [flavouring/spice]  [fodder]  [food dye]  [food for humans]  [forage]  [fruit]  [fuelwood]  [genetics]  [grain legume]  [green manure]  [honey]  [host for disease]  [industrial product]  [insect repellent]  [insectivorous]  [jewellery]  [medicinal]  [model]  [nut]  [nutraceutical]  [oilseed/fat]  [ornamental]  [paper pulp]  [pesticide]  [phytoamelioration]  [phytoextractive]  [plant grafting]  [plant gum]  [poison]  [pseudocereal]  [psychoactive]  [resin]  [revegetation]  [rubber]  [seagrass]  [shade]  [smoking]  [soil amelioration]  [starch]  [sweetener]  [tannin]  [timber]  [turf]  [vegetable]  [wastewater treatment]  [weed]  [wood fibre]


Most likely scope for crop use/product (%):

Species name

Hemiparasite (96.7)

Rhinanthus minor

Hemiparasite (95.9)

Cuscuta pentagona

Hemiparasite (95.3)

Linum marginale

Hemiparasite (91.2)

Corallorhiza trifida

Hemiparasite (91.1)

Cuscuta reflexa

Hemiparasite (91.1)

Orobanche ramosa

Hemiparasite (90.7)

Arachnitis uniflora

Hemiparasite (89.3)

Euthamia graminifolia

Hemiparasite (85.8)

Rhizanthella gardneri

Hemiparasite (83.3)

Striga hermonthica

Hemiparasite (78.7)

Frankenia salina

Hemiparasite (76.6)

Hexalectris spicata

Hemiparasite (72.8)

Commelina erecta

Hemiparasite (68.9)

Silene latifolia

Hemiparasite (64.1)

Corallorhiza striata

Hemiparasite (57.9)

Myrciaria floribunda

Hemiparasite (57.3)

Solidago altissima

Hemiparasite (56.2)

Caesalpinia crista

Hemiparasite (54.2)

Loranthus micranthus

Hemiparasite (49.6)

Asclepias incarnata

Hemiparasite (44.0)

Lobularia maritima

Hemiparasite (43.4)

Cynosurus cristatus

Hemiparasite (41.5)

Festuca nigrescens

Hemiparasite (41.3)

Leucanthemum vulgare

Hemiparasite (41.0)

Epipogium roseum

Hemiparasite (40.5)

Amsinckia menziesii

Hemiparasite (37.9)

Hypochaeris glabra

Hemiparasite (33.0)

Eupatorium adenophorum

Hemiparasite (31.6)

Ranunculus macranthus

Hemiparasite (31.4)

Achnatherum robustum

Hemiparasite (30.0)

Mentha cordifolia

Hemiparasite (29.5)

Festuca arizonica

Hemiparasite (29.1)

Barbarea vulgaris

Hemiparasite (28.3)

Mikania micrantha

Hemiparasite (25.6)

Festuca hallii

Hemiparasite (24.6)

Eucalyptus cloeziana

Hemiparasite (24.0)

Paraserianthes lophantha

Hemiparasite (23.1)

Pithecellobium dulce

Hemiparasite (22.6)

Symphyotrichum ericoides

Hemiparasite (22.2)

Solidago gigantea

Hemiparasite (22.1)

Goodyera repens

Hemiparasite (21.1)

Azorina vidalii

Hemiparasite (20.4)

Brassica nigra

Hemiparasite (19.9)

Mallotus macrostachyus

Hemiparasite (19.4)

Rubus niveus

Hemiparasite (18.9)

Pinus albicaulis

Hemiparasite (18.2)

Artemisia annua

Hemiparasite (16.1)

Ammophila arenaria

Hemiparasite (15.9)

Ficus sur

Hemiparasite (15.7)

Crotalaria pallida

Hemiparasite (15.5)

Physalis angulata

Hemiparasite (14.3)

Rubus armeniacus

Hemiparasite (14.2)

Parkinsonia florida

Hemiparasite (14.1)

Xylocarpus granatum

Hemiparasite (14.1)

Datura wrightii

Hemiparasite (13.9)

Ficus sycomorus

Hemiparasite (13.9)

Plantago lanceolata

Hemiparasite (13.8)

Acacia victoriae

Hemiparasite (13.5)

Cleyera japonica

Hemiparasite (13.5)

Acer palmatum

Hemiparasite (13.4)

Anacardium humile

Hemiparasite (12.5)

Ranunculus adoneus

Hemiparasite (12.4)

Lysiloma latisiliquum

Hemiparasite (12.2)

Ranunculus acris

Hemiparasite (12.2)

Vicia cracca

Hemiparasite (12.0)

Ammophila breviligulata

Hemiparasite (11.7)

Urtica dioica

Hemiparasite (11.5)

Agonis flexuosa

Hemiparasite (11.5)

Brucea javanica

Hemiparasite (11.4)

Agrostis capillaris

Hemiparasite (11.3)

Bromus erectus

Hemiparasite (10.2)

Suaeda vera

Hemiparasite (10.0)

Vernonia amygdalina

Hemiparasite (9.9)

Ficus thonningii

Hemiparasite (9.7)

Huperzia lucidula

Hemiparasite (9.7)

Ficus hispida

Hemiparasite (9.4)

Cistus salviifolius

Hemiparasite (9.1)

Khaya anthotheca

Hemiparasite (9.0)

Hedysarum coronarium

Hemiparasite (8.8)

Lithrea molleoides

Hemiparasite (8.6)

Annona senegalensis

Hemiparasite (7.8)

Ulmus minor

Hemiparasite (7.6)

Sanguisorba officinalis

Hemiparasite (7.0)

Galanthus nivalis

Hemiparasite (6.8)

Prosopis ferox

Hemiparasite (6.5)

Collinsia parviflora

Hemiparasite (6.1)

Eragrostis pilosa

Hemiparasite (6.0)

Megaceros aenigmaticus

Hemiparasite (5.8)

Cirsium oleraceum

Hemiparasite (5.7)

Eucalyptus gomphocephala

Hemiparasite (5.6)

Ilex pedunculosa

Hemiparasite (5.6)

Solidago canadensis

Hemiparasite (5.5)

Quillaja saponaria

Hemiparasite (5.4)

Ipomoea purpurea

Hemiparasite (5.2)

Manilkara zapota

Hemiparasite (5.0)

Oxalis corniculata

Hemiparasite (5.0)

Nicotiana attenuata

Hemiparasite (4.8)

Hypericum reflexum

Hemiparasite (4.3)

Isoetes engelmannii

Hemiparasite (3.3)

Anthocleista vogelii

Hemiparasite (3.0)

Ageratina adenophora


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