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Species attracting attention:
as likely boundary-marking species

The species below have attracted recent attention in the literature.
The percentages after each crop use/product reflect the rank of boundary-marking
amongst the 68 crop uses/products investigated for each species

Listings of species attracting attention by scientific name, common name or keyword are available here.
The listing of all species on the website is available here.

Other likely crop uses/products investigated are:

[allelopathy]  [aquatic]  [beverage]  [biofuel]  [bioindicator]  [birdseed]  [breeding]  [cane/bamboo]  [cereal]  [charcoal]  [chewing]  [clothing fibre]  [companion plant]  [cosmetics]  [cut flower]  [dietary fibre]  [dye]  [erosion control]  [essential oil]  [flavouring/spice]  [fodder]  [food dye]  [food for humans]  [forage]  [fruit]  [fuelwood]  [genetics]  [grain legume]  [green manure]  [hemiparasite]  [honey]  [host for disease]  [industrial product]  [insect repellent]  [insectivorous]  [jewellery]  [medicinal]  [model]  [nut]  [nutraceutical]  [oilseed/fat]  [ornamental]  [paper pulp]  [pesticide]  [phytoamelioration]  [phytoextractive]  [plant grafting]  [plant gum]  [poison]  [pseudocereal]  [psychoactive]  [resin]  [revegetation]  [rubber]  [seagrass]  [shade]  [smoking]  [soil amelioration]  [starch]  [sweetener]  [tannin]  [timber]  [turf]  [vegetable]  [wastewater treatment]  [weed]  [wood fibre]


Most likely scope for crop use/product (%):

Species name

Boundary (93.5)

Arundinella hirta

Boundary (88.4)

Mimulus lewisii

Boundary (83.8)

Iris setosa

Boundary (82.0)

Artabotrys hexapetalus

Boundary (76.9)

Flavocetraria nivalis

Boundary (67.2)

Casearia nitida

Boundary (64.5)

Hordeum marinum

Boundary (64.4)

Ammophila breviligulata

Boundary (63.0)

Carex atrofusca

Boundary (58.7)

Salix polaris

Boundary (56.3)

Eucalyptus kochii

Boundary (55.5)

Carduus crispus

Boundary (54.2)

Cassia siamea

Boundary (52.1)

Eucalyptus cladocalyx

Boundary (50.8)

Azorina vidalii

Boundary (48.7)

Nicotiana attenuata

Boundary (48.5)

Chamerion angustifolium

Boundary (47.8)

Lecanographa hypothallina

Boundary (47.7)

Asplenium hookerianum

Boundary (47.3)

Corymbia torelliana

Boundary (46.3)

Eucalyptus aggregata

Boundary (46.2)

Carex duriuscula

Boundary (45.9)

Lobelia frutescens

Boundary (44.6)

Hakea psilorrhyncha

Boundary (42.6)

Ephedra fasciculata

Boundary (41.5)

Anthyllis montana

Boundary (40.4)

Ammophila arenaria

Boundary (37.4)

Iris virginica

Boundary (35.4)

Cassiope tetragona

Boundary (35.2)

Flavocetraria cucullata

Boundary (35.1)

Brachypodium phoenicoides

Boundary (34.5)

Maireana astrotricha

Boundary (34.3)

Anthriscus sylvestris

Boundary (33.7)

Cynoglossum officinale

Boundary (32.9)

Stipa grandis

Boundary (31.2)

Sporobolus africanus

Boundary (29.2)

Carex bigelowii

Boundary (29.0)

Kobresia myosuroides

Boundary (28.6)

Cnidoscolus aconitifolius

Boundary (28.6)

Artemisia tridentata

Boundary (28.6)

Cleistogenes squarrosa

Boundary (27.9)

Stipagrostis uniplumis

Boundary (27.5)

Glechoma hederacea

Boundary (25.9)

Ugni molinae

Boundary (25.7)

Cassia spectabilis

Boundary (25.2)

Nicotiana benthamiana

Boundary (25.1)

Melampodium cinereum

Boundary (24.9)

Crataegus monogyna

Boundary (24.6)

Ranunculus adoneus

Boundary (23.6)

Dryas octopetala

Boundary (22.9)

Datura wrightii

Boundary (22.4)

Arenaria bryophylla

Boundary (22.1)

Epipactis helleborine

Boundary (21.8)

Laelia rubescens

Boundary (20.9)

Cecropia peltata

Boundary (20.5)

Aquilegia pubescens

Boundary (20.3)

Brachiaria humidicola

Boundary (20.2)

Wigandia urens

Boundary (19.7)

Helianthus petiolaris

Boundary (19.3)

Lupinus sulphureus

Boundary (18.5)

Pinus pumila

Boundary (18.4)

Angophora floribunda

Boundary (18.2)

Argyrolobium uniflorum

Boundary (17.8)

Armeria pungens

Boundary (17.2)

Gustavia superba

Boundary (16.6)

Leontodon autumnalis

Boundary (16.5)

Allocasuarina verticillata

Boundary (16.2)

Macaranga tanarius

Boundary (16.1)

Carex nigra

Boundary (15.8)

Eucalyptus ovata

Boundary (15.2)

Casearia decandra

Boundary (15.1)

Carex kobomugi

Boundary (15.0)

Acer campestre

Boundary (14.8)

Neolitsea dealbata

Boundary (14.6)

Lophozia ventricosa

Boundary (14.3)

Celtis ehrenbergiana

Boundary (14.1)

Ligustrum vulgare

Boundary (14.1)

Senecio squalidus

Boundary (14.1)

Cerastium fontanum

Boundary (13.9)

Brugmansia suaveolens

Boundary (13.5)

Brachypodium sylvaticum

Boundary (13.3)

Morella cerifera

Boundary (13.2)

Selenodesmium elongatum

Boundary (13.1)

Erythronium americanum

Boundary (13.1)

Graphis scripta

Boundary (13.0)

Erinus alpinus

Boundary (13.0)

Nicotiana sylvestris

Boundary (12.6)

Leucanthemum vulgare

Boundary (12.6)

Dryas integrifolia

Boundary (12.5)

Calystegia sepium

Boundary (12.3)

Galium saxatile

Boundary (12.3)

Cynosurus cristatus

Boundary (12.0)

Albizia julibrissin

Boundary (11.9)

Colophospermum mopane

Boundary (11.9)

Cenchrus biflorus

Boundary (11.9)

Hieracium pilosella

Boundary (11.9)

Acacia mellifera

Boundary (11.8)

Pennisetum setaceum

Boundary (11.7)

Primula elatior

Boundary (11.4)

Casuarina glauca

Boundary (11.3)

Hypochaeris radicata

Boundary (11.1)

Bromus hordeaceus

Boundary (11.1)

Parmelina quercina

Boundary (10.9)

Luzula confusa

Boundary (10.5)

Brassica nigra

Boundary (10.5)

Aristolochia californica

Boundary (10.4)

Panicum turgidum

Boundary (10.4)

Vetiveria zizanioides

Boundary (10.3)

Pogogyne douglasii

Boundary (10.1)

Allosyncarpia ternata

Boundary (9.7)

Glyceria striata

Boundary (9.7)

Aponogeton madagascariensis

Boundary (9.6)

Hylococcus sericeus

Boundary (9.5)

Celtis philippensis

Boundary (9.0)

Vicia cracca

Boundary (8.5)

Cirsium vulgare

Boundary (8.4)

Lobaria pulmonaria

Boundary (8.3)

Eriophorum angustifolium

Boundary (8.2)

Corallorhiza striata

Boundary (8.2)

Ceratopteris richardii

Boundary (8.2)

Eucalyptus rubida

Boundary (8.0)

Artemisia frigida

Boundary (8.0)

Bruguiera gymnorrhiza

Boundary (8.0)

Cornus sanguinea

Boundary (8.0)

Aquilegia formosa

Boundary (7.7)

Xanthoria elegans

Boundary (7.6)

Oxyria digyna

Boundary (7.3)

Juncus inflexus

Boundary (7.1)

Orthilia secunda

Boundary (7.1)

Helianthus paradoxus

Boundary (7.0)

Potentilla fruticosa

Boundary (6.8)

Trillium grandiflorum

Boundary (6.7)

Cardamine hirsuta

Boundary (6.7)

Mahonia aquifolium

Boundary (6.6)

Geum rivale

Boundary (6.5)

Acacia tortilis

Boundary (6.5)

Alliaria petiolata

Boundary (6.0)

Haloxylon ammodendron

Boundary (6.0)

Leymus racemosus

Boundary (5.9)

Frangula alnus

Boundary (5.8)

Deschampsia cespitosa

Boundary (5.8)

Epilobium ciliatum

Boundary (5.7)

Salix arctica

Boundary (5.6)

Linaria vulgaris

Boundary (5.5)

Amorpha fruticosa

Boundary (5.3)

Filipendula ulmaria

Boundary (5.3)

Ranunculus acris

Boundary (5.2)

Nardus stricta

Boundary (5.2)

Argania spinosa

Boundary (5.1)

Ilex aquifolium

Boundary (5.1)

Solanum bulbocastanum

Boundary (5.0)

Dryopteris carthusiana

Boundary (4.9)

Bruguiera gymnorhiza

Boundary (4.8)

Ceanothus verrucosus

Boundary (3.1)

Acer buergerianum

Boundary (2.8)

Avicennia germinans

Boundary (2.5)

Calycophyllum candidissimum

Boundary (1.9)

Brassica cretica


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