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Species attracting attention:
for likely beverage production

The species below have attracted recent attention in the literature.
The percentages after each crop use/product reflect the rank of beverage production
amongst the 68 crop uses/products investigated for each species

Listings of species attracting attention by scientific name, common name or keyword are available here.
The listing of all species on the website is available here.

Other likely crop uses/products investigated are:

[allelopathy]  [aquatic]  [biofuel]  [bioindicator]  [birdseed]  [boundary]  [breeding]  [cane/bamboo]  [cereal]  [charcoal]  [chewing]  [clothing fibre]  [companion plant]  [cosmetics]  [cut flower]  [dietary fibre]  [dye]  [erosion control]  [essential oil]  [flavouring/spice]  [fodder]  [food dye]  [food for humans]  [forage]  [fruit]  [fuelwood]  [genetics]  [grain legume]  [green manure]  [hemiparasite]  [honey]  [host for disease]  [industrial product]  [insect repellent]  [insectivorous]  [jewellery]  [medicinal]  [model]  [nut]  [nutraceutical]  [oilseed/fat]  [ornamental]  [paper pulp]  [pesticide]  [phytoamelioration]  [phytoextractive]  [plant grafting]  [plant gum]  [poison]  [pseudocereal]  [psychoactive]  [resin]  [revegetation]  [rubber]  [seagrass]  [shade]  [smoking]  [soil amelioration]  [starch]  [sweetener]  [tannin]  [timber]  [turf]  [vegetable]  [wastewater treatment]  [weed]  [wood fibre]


Most likely scope for crop use/product (%):

Species name

Beverage (96.7)

Camellia sinensis

Beverage (92.4)

Aspalathus linearis

Beverage (90.1)

Ilex paraguariensis

Beverage (78.2)

Humulus lupulus

Beverage (73.6)

Pseudocydonia sinensis

Beverage (65.7)

Vitis amurensis

Beverage (65.4)

Caragana chamlagu

Beverage (64.9)

Polygonum cuspidatum

Beverage (62.4)

Cyclopia subternata

Beverage (59.1)

Hibiscus sabdariffa

Beverage (58.8)

Pogogyne douglasii

Beverage (47.4)

Rosa laevigata

Beverage (45.1)

Cyclopia genistoides

Beverage (38.6)

Paullinia cupana

Beverage (33.9)

Galax urceolata

Beverage (33.1)

Ampelopsis brevipedunculata

Beverage (32.7)

Agave tequilana

Beverage (24.6)

Spondias mombin

Beverage (23.5)

Aronia melanocarpa

Beverage (22.3)

Aristotelia chilensis

Beverage (21.7)

Theobroma cacao

Beverage (20.9)

Morus alba

Beverage (19.2)

Vitis rupestris

Beverage (17.6)

Camellia oleifera

Beverage (17.3)

Gelidium corneum

Beverage (16.0)

Theobroma grandiflorum

Beverage (15.9)

Schoenoplectus americanus

Beverage (15.0)

Cistus incanus

Beverage (14.8)

Morus nigra

Beverage (14.5)

Malpighia emarginata

Beverage (13.9)

Ilex asprella

Beverage (13.3)

Cleyera japonica

Beverage (13.1)

Vitis riparia

Beverage (12.7)

Hordeum brevisubulatum

Beverage (12.4)

Melastoma candidum

Beverage (12.0)

Abies koreana

Beverage (11.9)

Lippia citriodora

Beverage (11.2)

Phaleria macrocarpa

Beverage (10.9)

Vaccinium myrtillus

Beverage (10.4)

Opuntia streptacantha

Beverage (10.3)

Euterpe oleracea

Beverage (10.0)

Etlingera elatior

Beverage (10.0)

Crataegus pinnatifida

Beverage (9.9)

Livistona chinensis

Beverage (9.9)

Morus indica

Beverage (9.8)

Hancornia speciosa

Beverage (9.7)

Sambucus nigra

Beverage (9.5)

Quercus petraea

Beverage (9.1)

Melastoma malabathricum

Beverage (8.7)

Mallotus macrostachyus

Beverage (8.6)

Digitaria exilis

Beverage (8.3)

Metrosideros excelsa

Beverage (7.9)

Coffea arabica

Beverage (7.8)

Melaleuca alternifolia

Beverage (7.7)

Salvia virgata

Beverage (7.5)

Rubus caesius

Beverage (7.3)

Lysimachia japonica

Beverage (7.3)

Vanilla planifolia

Beverage (7.2)

Citrus limetta

Beverage (7.1)

Pteris multifida

Beverage (6.9)

Rubus nivalis

Beverage (6.7)

Stevia rebaudiana

Beverage (6.6)

Vaccinium macrocarpon

Beverage (6.4)

Acacia confusa

Beverage (5.7)

Cistus ladaniferus

Beverage (5.4)

Garcinia cambogia

Beverage (5.1)

Orthosiphon aristatus

Beverage (4.2)

Costus spicatus

Beverage (4.1)

Allium ampeloprasum

Beverage (3.8)

Coffea canephora

Beverage (3.4)

Amorphophallus konjac

Beverage (2.5)

Anacardium humile


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