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Species attracting attention:
as likely aquatic species

The species below have attracted recent attention in the literature.
The percentages after each crop use/product reflect the rank of likely aquatic species
amongst the 68 crop uses/products investigated for each species

Listings of species attracting attention by scientific name, common name or keyword are available here.
The listing of all species on the website is available here.

Other likely crop uses/products investigated are:

[allelopathy]  [beverage]  [biofuel]  [bioindicator]  [birdseed]  [boundary]  [breeding]  [cane/bamboo]  [cereal]  [charcoal]  [chewing]  [clothing fibre]  [companion plant]  [cosmetics]  [cut flower]  [dietary fibre]  [dye]  [erosion control]  [essential oil]  [flavouring/spice]  [fodder]  [food dye]  [food for humans]  [forage]  [fruit]  [fuelwood]  [genetics]  [grain legume]  [green manure]  [hemiparasite]  [honey]  [host for disease]  [industrial product]  [insect repellent]  [insectivorous]  [jewellery]  [medicinal]  [model]  [nut]  [nutraceutical]  [oilseed/fat]  [ornamental]  [paper pulp]  [pesticide]  [phytoamelioration]  [phytoextractive]  [plant grafting]  [plant gum]  [poison]  [pseudocereal]  [psychoactive]  [resin]  [revegetation]  [rubber]  [seagrass]  [shade]  [smoking]  [soil amelioration]  [starch]  [sweetener]  [tannin]  [timber]  [turf]  [vegetable]  [wastewater treatment]  [weed]  [wood fibre]


Most likely scope for crop use/product (%):

Species name

Aquatic (99.0)

Cabomba furcata

Aquatic (98.0)

Eriocaulon aquaticum

Aquatic (97.9)

Limnobium laevigatum

Aquatic (97.9)

Sparganium emersum

Aquatic (97.0)

Apium repens

Aquatic (97.0)

Nuphar lutea

Aquatic (96.6)

Callitriche hamulata

Aquatic (96.5)

Butomus umbellatus

Aquatic (96.0)

Eichhornia azurea

Aquatic (95.7)

Elodea nuttallii

Aquatic (95.6)

Potamogeton pectinatus

Aquatic (95.4)

Vallisneria americana

Aquatic (94.9)

Myriophyllum spicatum

Aquatic (93.9)

Najas marina

Aquatic (93.8)

Nymphaea alba

Aquatic (92.9)

Cabomba caroliniana

Aquatic (92.8)

Ceratophyllum demersum

Aquatic (92.5)

Berula erecta

Aquatic (90.5)

Vallisneria natans

Aquatic (90.1)

Lemna trisulca

Aquatic (88.9)

Myriophyllum sibiricum

Aquatic (88.3)

Ludwigia grandiflora

Aquatic (85.9)

Lagarosiphon major

Aquatic (85.8)

Acrostichum danaeifolium

Aquatic (85.2)

Nymphaea tetragona

Aquatic (83.8)

Hydrocotyle ranunculoides

Aquatic (83.6)

Hydrocotyle bonariensis

Aquatic (82.2)

Lycopus europaeus

Aquatic (81.9)

Glyceria fluitans

Aquatic (81.7)

Hydrilla verticillata

Aquatic (77.9)

Carex rostrata

Aquatic (77.1)

Myriophyllum aquaticum

Aquatic (75.0)

Salvinia natans

Aquatic (73.3)

Ludwigia peploides

Aquatic (72.5)

Eleocharis interstincta

Aquatic (70.6)

Alternanthera philoxeroides

Aquatic (68.2)

Mentha aquatica

Aquatic (65.9)

Pistia stratiotes

Aquatic (65.5)

Juncus inflexus

Aquatic (64.3)

Fontinalis antipyretica

Aquatic (63.5)

Sagittaria latifolia

Aquatic (62.6)

Pontederia cordata

Aquatic (62.4)

Iris pseudacorus

Aquatic (61.5)

Typha domingensis

Aquatic (60.9)

Calliergonella cuspidata

Aquatic (60.5)

Trapa natans

Aquatic (56.7)

Eichhornia crassipes

Aquatic (56.0)

Bidens laevis

Aquatic (55.6)

Carex lacustris

Aquatic (55.3)

Myriophyllum triphyllum

Aquatic (55.2)

Polygonum hydropiperoides

Aquatic (54.4)

Schoenoplectus mucronatus

Aquatic (51.7)

Arenaria bryophylla

Aquatic (50.9)

Crassula helmsii

Aquatic (48.5)

Sarcocornia perennis

Aquatic (48.5)

Menyanthes trifoliata

Aquatic (47.3)

Schoenoplectus acutus

Aquatic (44.5)

Rorippa palustris

Aquatic (43.5)

Acorus americanus

Aquatic (43.4)

Megathyrsus maximus

Aquatic (41.0)

Landoltia punctata

Aquatic (39.0)

Azolla filiculoides

Aquatic (38.9)

Zizania latifolia

Aquatic (38.9)

Salvinia minima

Aquatic (37.3)

Ludwigia repens

Aquatic (37.1)

Jungermannia exsertifolia

Aquatic (35.9)

Lemna minor

Aquatic (35.8)

Aruncus dioicus

Aquatic (35.1)

Amphibromus scabrivalvis

Aquatic (33.4)

Lysimachia vulgaris

Aquatic (33.2)

Isoetes engelmannii

Aquatic (32.8)

Lythrum salicaria

Aquatic (32.3)

Bidens frondosa

Aquatic (32.3)

Galium palustre

Aquatic (31.9)

Typha orientalis

Aquatic (31.4)

Aponogeton madagascariensis

Aquatic (31.3)

Salvinia cucullata

Aquatic (31.2)

Leersia oryzoides

Aquatic (31.1)

Typha angustifolia

Aquatic (29.8)

Schoenoplectus tabernaemontani

Aquatic (29.5)

Leersia hexandra

Aquatic (29.4)

Juncus effusus

Aquatic (28.7)

Cyperus longus

Aquatic (27.1)

Wolffia globosa

Aquatic (26.8)

Typha latifolia

Aquatic (26.2)

Cyperus articulatus

Aquatic (23.7)

Bryum pseudotriquetrum

Aquatic (22.7)

Cotula coronopifolia

Aquatic (22.0)

Echinochloa polystachya

Aquatic (21.9)

Acorus calamus

Aquatic (21.5)

Scirpus triqueter

Aquatic (19.8)

Epilobium ciliatum

Aquatic (19.2)

Halosarcia pergranulata

Aquatic (19.0)

Lemna gibba

Aquatic (18.3)

Carex lasiocarpa

Aquatic (18.0)

Phalaris arundinacea

Aquatic (17.9)

Cyperus papyrus

Aquatic (17.0)

Juncus maritimus

Aquatic (15.5)

Phragmites australis

Aquatic (15.4)

Ipomoea aquatica

Aquatic (15.3)

Utricularia australis

Aquatic (15.0)

Carex nigra

Aquatic (14.7)

Sphagneticola trilobata

Aquatic (14.5)

Spartina alterniflora

Aquatic (14.1)

Carex aquatilis

Aquatic (12.8)

Cicuta virosa

Aquatic (12.7)

Lemna aequinoctialis

Aquatic (12.0)

Cortaderia jubata

Aquatic (11.8)

Nelumbo nucifera

Aquatic (10.8)

Spartina maritima

Aquatic (9.9)

Bacopa monnieri

Aquatic (9.8)

Arundo donax

Aquatic (9.3)

Oryza meridionalis

Aquatic (9.0)

Juncus roemerianus

Aquatic (8.9)

Juncus acutus

Aquatic (8.9)

Luzula confusa

Aquatic (8.4)

Najas indica

Aquatic (8.0)

Eleocharis dulcis

Aquatic (7.6)

Acer cappadocicum

Aquatic (6.9)

Spartina densiflora

Aquatic (5.5)

Cyperus involucratus

Aquatic (5.5)

Oenanthe javanica

Aquatic (5.3)

Iris virginica

Aquatic (5.2)

Acorus gramineus

Aquatic (3.1)

Asclepias incarnata


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