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Species attracting attention:
 keywords Q..

The species below (listed by keywords Q..) have attracted recent attention in the literature.
The number after each keyword is the number of papers in which the keyword and the species
 have been mentioned together.  Larger numbers will be more reliable.

Listings of species attracting attention by common name, keyword or crop use/product are available here.
The listing of all species on the website is available here.



Species name

Q12 (2)

Musa nana

Q16 (2)

Musa nana

Q18 (2)

Musa nana

Qinghai Tibet Plateau (3)

Arenaria bryophylla

Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau (11)

Elymus nutans

QST (8)

Clarkia dudleyana

QTL (7)

Helianthus paradoxus

Quality Of Life (4)

Hylococcus sericeus

Quantitative Genetics (13)

Clarkia dudleyana

Quassinoids (24)

Brucea javanica

Quassinoids (3)

Commiphora opobalsamum

Quaternary (4)

Alsophila spinulosa

Quaternary Structure (8)

Erythrina corallodendron

Quebec (262)

Picea mariana

Quebec (221)

Abies balsamea

Quebec (137)

Acer saccharum

Quebec (28)

Larix laricina

Queensland (8)

Cryptostegia grandiflora

Queensland (7)

Eucalyptus cloeziana

Queensland (3)

Neolitsea dealbata

Quercetin (70)

Ginkgo biloba

Quercetin (30)

Fagopyrum esculentum

Quercetin (22)

Fagopyrum tataricum

Quercetin (12)

Ginko biloba

Quercetin (6)

Cayratia japonica

Quercetin (6)

Hypericum hircinum

Quercetin (4)

Persicaria lapathifolia

Quercetin (4)

Salvia plebeia

Quercetin (3)

Melastoma candidum

Quince (33)

Cydonia oblonga

Quince Leaves (4)

Pseudocydonia sinensis

Quinces (98)

Cydonia oblonga

Quinine (6)

Cinchona officinalis

Quinoa (62)

Chenopodium quinoa

Quinoa (23)

Chenopodium pallidicaule


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