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Listing of Interesting Plants of the World

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Una De Gato

Martynia annua

Unarmed Buckwheat

Eriogonum inerme

Unbrella Plant

Cyperus involucratus

Uncompaghre Bladderpod

Lesquerella vicina


Packera aurea

Uncum Root

Packera aurea

Undergreen Willow

Salix commutata

Underwood's Spikemoss

Selaginella underwoodii

Underwood's Stopper

Eugenia underwoodii

Undulate Atrichum Moss

Atrichum undulatum

Undulate Dicranum Moss

Dicranum undulatum

Undulate Jelly Lichen

Collema undulatum

Undulate Neckeropsis Moss

Neckeropsis undulata

Undulate Plagiothecium Moss

Plagiothecium undulatum

Undulate Speedwell

Veronica undulata

Unequal Leaf Bryoerythrophyllum Moss

Bryoerythrophyllum inaequalifolium

Unexpected Larkspur

Delphinium inopinum


Oenocarpus bacaba


Myrtus molinae


Myrtus ugni

Unicorn Plant

Ibicella lutea

Unicorn Plant

Martynia lutea

Unicorn Plant

Proboscidea lutea

Unicorn Plant Devil's Claw

Proboscidea parviflora

Unicorn, False

Chamaelirium luteum

Unicorn-Plant, Desert

Proboscidea althaeifolia

Unicorn-Plant, Louisiana

Proboscidea louisianica

Unicorn-Plant, New Mexico

Proboscidea spicata

Unicorn-Plant, Sanddune

Proboscidea sabulosa

Unicorn-Plant, Yellow

Ibicella lutea

Uniola Flatsedge

Cyperus unioloides

United Blazingstar

Mentzelia congesta

Unshorn Thorn

Crataegus irrasa


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